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our history

Tea Time Film is born!
    Founding partners are Marcantonio Borghese, executive producer from Rome, Kasumi Usui and Taku Komaya, Japanese producers based in Rome, with close and confidential relations with the Japanese market. In fact, is the first service production company specialized on eastern market.
    The partnership works! Tea Time Film runs the shooting in Italy and Europe for many commercials and films for the Japanese, American and French market!
    We manage to bring to Italy, specifically to Puglia, the filming of a big campaign of one of the world's largest soft drink brands. We have the pleasure of hosting and welcoming an exceptional testimonial, the protagonist of the project: Richard Gere.
Solinas Award
    But it is not only “International Market”. Tea Time Film produces its first feature film, Monitor, directed by Alessio Lauria, winner of the Premio Solinas Award.
It's the year of glory for "Monitor"

We collect awards and participations to several festivals:

  • Presentated to Festa del Cinema di Roma, special section “Alice Nella Città”;
  • Best director award at the Santa Marinella Film Festival
  • Audience award at the 9th Festival del Garda
  • Participation in the Como Film Festival
  • Official selection at the Santa Barbara International Film Festivall
    We proudly collaborates to the shooting of “Sybil”, directed by Justine Triet, starring Adèle Exarchopoulos andf Virginie Efira
    Venice: We finalize the production of the documentary
    "Life As A B-Movie: Piero Vivarelli"
    directed by Fabrizio Laurenti and Nick Vivarelli
    in competition to Venice Film Festival.

    Cannes: “Sybille”,
    by Justine Triet, shoot on Stromboli’s Island in 2018, has been “Officially Selected” at Cannes Film Festival.

    In the same year, we sign our first international co-production for “FRANCE”, with Lea Seydeux, directed by Bruno Dumont.
    Using the best “remote shooting systems”, we realize five TV Commercials for International Market!

    Having shot “UP&DOWN”, an amazing pilot for RAI Fiction, just before pandemic, we finalize the editing and submit to Italian Public Television Broadcast.
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    “FRANCE”, shoot in Puglia in 2019, was, once again, selected for Cannes Film Festival!
Reality Show
    We have the pleasure of organizing the filming in Italy of two foreign reality shows, one American, the other Australian, it was a different and definitely positive experience, both from the human and work side.
    Tea Time Film has now opened up to new horizons: Western and overseas markets. There are several executive productions carried out for the U.S. market that we follow in Italy.